What Kind of Sheepdog Am I?

A sheepdog is raised as a member of a flock of sheep. By its nature and training, a sheepdog defends its pack against wolves and other predators. The flock consists of citizens of a democracy. Below are the three types of sheepdogs that help defend the American public from political wolves and foxes. Each sheepdog can get involved in specific ways, so determine what kind of sheepdog you are and then get involved!

Innovator Sheepdogs:

Our nation was built by innovative people engaged in improving the government and protecting peoples’ rights. Through, modern day innovators have a powerful voice to continue that tradition of positive change and societal improvement. Providing a forum recognizing intellectual property for public policy, innovators can create, improve or promote policies and issues. Through our auctions innovators can get involved, share and gaining support for their great policy ideas and potentially receive financial incentives for those policy efforts.

Make our government more efficient and help protect consumers.  Register now to submit your policy ideas and help create better laws that serve the interests of the American people.

Constituent Sheepdogs:

When consumers join together as constituents, they exert considerably more strength and influence than individual actions will allow. Together, constituents can more effectively raise issues and more significantly influence positive policy change through Citizens who desire participation in our nation’s legislative process in order to improve our government and protect their health and economic well being can receive compensation for their efforts.  They will find like-minded individuals to enact change in this online forum.

Candidate Sheepdogs: can be a vital tool for legislators who are currently serving in local, state and federal positions and candidates seeking political office. Bridging the gap between consumer/supporters and legislators, provides three key benefits:

  • It connects legislators and candidates with a powerful supporter base comprised of active voters who are engaged in a variety of issues. Politicians can enhance their issues platform and political clout by harnessing the power of these constituents through meaningful interactions.
  • It provides unmatched insight into the issues that consumers care about most. This information is an effective tool for legislators or candidates seeking office to help enact the policy changes that American voters desire.
  • It establishes secure election auctions for constituents to possibly contribute to specific candidates (in cases where state laws allow such contribution) that embrace ideas for positive change.

Gain access to a powerful constituent base and unparalleled insight into current consumer opinions. Register now to share your political platform with influential voters.

Reclaim Your Voice, Win Back Control of our Government!

When compared to big special interest groups, the average citizen has very little influence over the development of public policy since politicians typically listen to powerful, well-funded lobbies that can contribute to their election campaigns.

The cost for an individual to fight a concentrated special interest group far exceeds the widely diluted individual costs that are spread across consumers by those special interest and lobbying groups. So, while our individual vote allows us a “yes” or “no” regarding proposed legislators, it’s really an indirect say into our legislation. Through, American citizens can combine to make the fight against the special interests cost-effective and reclaim their voice to directly influence the development of individual laws that govern us. Representatives will again become accountable to their own constituents as public policies are being developed.

Help win back control of our government! Use as the new forum for legislators to hear and become sympathetic with the voice of concerned citizens, thereby invigorating our democracy and making it healthier.

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