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5 Good Reasons...

...Why Campaign Reform isn't Good Enough

*Campaign finance reform trusts foxes to guard the chicken coop. This means that politicians supervise and guard the system. Although many legislators are dedicated citizens with integrity, campaign finance reform sponsors a form of temptation. Supervision by those who are to be supervised is an invitation for chicanery.

With PoliticalSheepdog.com, all citizens can guard the system, which will make democracy healthier.

*Campaign finance reform falls short. It is limited to regulating corruption when other reforms are also needed.

PoliticalSheepdog.com has a much wider focus and accommodates many more improvements.

*Campaign finance reform is static. It provides a one-time fix, which will eventually be inadequate.

PoliticalSheepdog.com is dynamic and self-correcting. If the system gets out of balance, if someone tries to manipulate the system to their own advantage, or if a technological change could threaten or improve the citizenry, an innovator will recognize the situation and address it quickly through PoliticalSheepdog.com.

*Campaign finance reform inadvertently underwrites corruption. Proposing negative penalties as the means of control will result in subversion of the system. Powerful influence peddlers may make offers that override negative penalties.

PoliticalSheepdog.com uses positive profits as motivation, which will make the effort more sustainable.


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