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Founder of PoliticalSheepdog.com

Dr. James L. Gamble, III, is a medical doctor with strong interest and background in economics relating to social welfare.

  • BA in Chemistry, Colorado College
  • MD, Univ. of Miami Medical School, Florida
  • Masters of Public Health and Hygiene, Johns Hopkins
  • Masters of Science in Environmental Health Sciences, Univ. of Cincinnati
  • Medical internship, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Academic Residency in Occupational Medicine, University of Cincinnati
  • Occupational Medicine Residency, Dow Chemical Corporation

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James Gamble is a physician, who currently lives and practices in Maryland.

Dr. Gamble's formal study of economic policy began during his schooling at Colorado College, where he studied introductory economics and macroeconomics. At Johns Hopkins, he studied medical economics under David Salkever, who is known for his studies of the effects of alternative public policies on health economics. From 1984 to 1986, Dr. Gamble completed a tutorial in Welfare Economics under Dr. Tom Zak of the U.S. Naval Academy. In 1994, Dr. Gamble teamed up with Dr. John Leonard, an independent economist, who continues to serve as his consultant, critic, coauthor, and advisor in Economics.

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  • 1997 – An improved Definition of Rationality in Economics
  • 1998 – A new theory of Intellectual Property Rights coherent to market values
  • 1999 – An auction system for determining market value of Intellectual Property Rights
  • 1999-2003 – Auction technology that would allow ordinary citizens to participate as lobbyists to influence social reform in democratic societies
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented by PoliticalSheeddog.com
  • 2007 – Wrote a simple book to explain PoliticalSheepdog
  • 2008 – The banking collapse of 2008 was caused by a systemic failure that only PoliticalSheepdog could have prevented it
  • 2010 – The Supreme court ruling on Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission leaves PoliticalSheep.com as the only Constitutional system capable to prevent special interest corruption


An Improved Definition of
Rationality in Economics

Dr. Gamble published an article, "Validity, Rationality Definitions and Consumer Sovereignty” in the anthology section of the Atlantic Economic Journal, Vol. 25, No. 3, 9/97.  In this article, Dr. Gamble disproved the definitions of rationality proposed by renown rationality psychologist Jonathan Baron and Amartya Sen, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics.  Dr. Gamble's improved theory of rationality is the basis for his work in economics and social reform.

Dr. Gamble showed that Baron and Sen based their definitions of behavior on changeable dependent variables such as the psychological phenomena of choices, preferences, and utility functions instead of independent psychological phenomena such as sexual psychology, high internal discount rates, operant conditioning, bipolar personality, etc.  As a result, their definitions were based on a logical fallacy, which would result in illogical conclusions.

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A New Theory of Intellectual Property Rights Coherent to Market Values

Dr. Gamble has written a yet-to-be published, and possibly the first, theory of intellectual property that is coherent with market values; that is, marginal revenue product.  The theory defends intellectual property and theoretically defines how much intellectual property a society needs.  Dr. Gamble found evidence from studies of India, the Soviet Union, and the Dark Ages, that free societies that honor intellectual property in social reform will achieve a superior quality of life for their citizens.

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Auction System to Determine the Market Value
(Among a Few Innovators)

PoliticalSheepdog.com - Dr. Gamble developed a real-time auction bidding system that sustains market equilibrium with as few as two bidders.  While this has many applications, it can provide a way to determine market values for the principal contributing innovators on any given policy marketed by PoliticalSheepdog.com.

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Auction Technology that Allows Ordinary Citizens to Lobby for Social Reform in Democratic Societies

Dr. Gamble developed an auction system for majority rule processes with potential application in majority rule settings and other real-time participatory events. This tool can be used for shaping public policy and tracking the progress of citizen lobbying. This bidding system, known as a "musical chairs" auction, uses a new pooling concept to identify classes of low-bidders. This new technology allows the creation of a market for intellectual property rights that can be shared by innovators and supporters of beneficial public policy. This may be the first technology that would allow ordinary citizens to participate as paid lobbyists to influence social reform in democratic societies

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Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented by PoliticalSheeddog.com

Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented with steel reinforced concrete dikes, but was wasn’t, because the current incentive structure was inadequate. PoliticalSheepdog would have corrected this situation with intellectual property incentives for those with the insight and profits for constituents, who drove through the policies that paid for the stronger dikes.

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Wrote a simple book to explain PoliticalSheepdog

Wrote PoliticalSheepdog.com: An Internet Market to Invigorate Democracy (see Book Length Explanation). This simple book describes the PoliticalSheepdog auction system and the economic theory that drives PoliticalSheepdog.com.

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The banking collapse of 2008 was caused by a systemic failure that only PoliticalSheepdog could have prevented itg

The banking collapse was the result of an asymmetry between insight, power, and incentives. For example, those with the insight like Josh Rosner and Charles Kindleberger, who understood in 2000 that the low down payments for housing mortgages could result in an economic crash, or Steve Eisner, who went to the SEC to warn about the dangers in mortgage bonds, did not have the incentive or power to prevent the collapse. Wall Street, which had power and some with insight, did not have the incentive to prevent the collapse. Government officials generally had neither the insight nor the incentive to prevent the economic collapse of 2008.

PoliticalSheepdog could have provided the incentives to prevent the crash with intellectual property rights to those with insight and with financial incentives for lobbying constituents, who demand prevention from their legislators. These incentives could be risk adjusted with policy analysis markets or changes in those markets, when the legislation passed.

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The Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission leaves PoliticalSheep.com as the only Constitutional system capable to prevent special interest corruption

The Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot prohibit financial support of any type of speech. While prohibitions of speech are unconstitutional, nothing in the Constitution prohibits government of certain types of speech. If the government is going to support protection of consumers, it needs a market or market approaches to determine how much is fair to pay and how much to spend for this protection.

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Personal Beliefs

“My Vision”

From an early age, I’ve been deeply concerned about the what appeared to me to be distortions in consumer values leading to wasted health, lives, and resources.  In my medical practice and through the media, I continue to see the devastating effects of alcoholism, violence, our current prison system, government corruption, and many other destructive factors.

A continuing intuition that the world could be a better place has led me to study medicine and economics in search of answers.  Through decades of research, I have developed a vision of how citizens and legislators can work together with social reformers to improve public policy.  I believe that my technological breakthrough, PoliticalSheepdog.com, will be used in democratic societies throughout the world to develop improved public policy. 

PoliticalSheepdog.com combines the concepts of intellectual property rights, free market enterprise, and a new computer technology to offer an exciting new solution that will stop waste and reward innovation that improves the social welfare.  Registered voters will become paid lobbyists by using Internet access.  Legislators will have a new tool for monitoring public opinion.  PoliticalSheepdog.com will encourage reformers from every free society to contribute their best thinking.

I regard the development stage of PoliticalSheepdog.com as a time of exciting testing and problem solving that will be well worth the effort.  Every day that senseless waste continues in a free society is a terrible loss in resources and in thousands of lives!

I look forward to the day when tests prove the value of PoliticalSheepdog.com for developing and achieving better public policies and a better, safer world.

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Last revised:  August 29, 2003