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PoliticalSheepdog.com Update Newsletter January 2003


PoliticalSheepdog.com Update Newsletter January 2003


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How shall we reward innovators of efficient public policy?

The key place of intellectual property rights in improving social welfare.

Who will compete in the new market for social reform law? It could be YOU…

Dr. James L. Gamble III on

I feel that there is an extremely important principle for which I must fight: It is vitally important that democratic governments accept the concept of a market for good public policy. If governments do not recognize and utilize the marginal revenue product as a standard of fairness for pricing, then they will distort the economy against the social welfare, and their citizens will suffer from a lower standard of living, including more disease and earlier deaths. An example of ignoring the value of market-driven improvements is the failure to combat sicknesses such as malaria in countries that do not provide or protect the right of patents to receive beneficial drugs. This failure to provide and protect patent profit may have led to millions of malaria deaths. Profit is the self-monitoring mechanism that protects research and development and builds infrastructure for improving the social welfare. From my point of view, PoliticalSheepdog.com is at least 30 years ahead of the next innovator in this field on a risk-adjusted basis. No one else has developed the concepts on rationality, intellectual property with the marginal revenue product, or markets for public policy in their individual rights, and thus no one else is even close to combining all three. Government restrictions on operating PoliticalSheepdog.com for profit will send a negative message to future policy innovators: that free governments will discourage the development of better public policies. Ironically, such unreasonable attack on PoliticalSheepdog.com may delay or destroy the opportunity to develop better government. Examples of how public policies can be improved are varied. My brother-in-law told me about an incident in Tucson, Arizona, where the school board chose property on the periphery of the district. This location unfortunately stands to increase the long-term expenditure of fuel and create more smog compared to a central location in the district. On a larger scale, war wastes lives and resources. PoliticalSheepdog.com may allow democratic countries, such as India and (hopefully soon) Pakistan, to develop politically acceptable solutions to avoid war. The U.S. War on Drugs has not been won. Drugs waste time, money, and health. Drug traffic and abuse persists because of inertia. PoliticalSheepdog.com could be used to more quickly address and eliminate our nation’s drug problems. Don’t confuse PoliticalSheepdog.com with other Internet auctions! The concept for PoliticalSheepdog.com is completely new. PoliticalSheepdog.com does not replace or interfere with voting. However, any registered voter in good standing may participate in the process of supporting more effective and efficient public policies. PoliticalSheepdog.com does not auction off votes or candidates! So what does PoliticalSheepdog.com do? PoliticalSheepdog.com is a citizen lobby to support effective, efficient public policies. PoliticalSheepdog.com creates a brand new marketplace for innovators of effective, efficient public policy. PoliticalSheepdog.com creates a new forum for legislators to hear from their constituents. The purpose of PoliticalSheepdog.com is to create a market like a stock market to determine the fair and lowest cost to help pass good laws. By “good laws,” we mean effective, efficient public policies. These policies provide consumers with the greatest total, reasonably estimated benefit for the least cost. PoliticalSheepdog.com will target public policy in the areas of corruption, drug abuse, unemployment, incarceration, war and other social problems that result in wasting of resources. We believe that PoliticalSheepdog.com will be as big an advance for healthy, free societies as the implementation of human rights in the Bill of Rights by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and as the discovery of democracy was for the Ancient Greeks. To our knowledge, there has never before been any concept like


Competition is a natural part of free market enterprise. In the case of PoliticalSheepdog.com, there will initially be no competition of a similar nature. PoliticalSheepdog.com will hold a patent on the combination of technologies and concepts that will create a new market. This new market will reward innovators and energized citizens who want to invest themselves in good public laws. The initial monopoly of this market will allow the concepts and value of the products to be tested. I believe it is an important concept that intellectual property rights be dispensed only by a monopoly, such as the government or a private corporation. Without monopolistic protection of innovation, the concept of marginal revenue product is meaningless and useless because anyone can enter the market and destroy the value that innovators create. In a system that rewards marginal revenue product, profit signals the producers as to whether or not they are developing quality products. While competition would destroy the system, PoliticalSheepdog.com is committed to an inclusive process of intellectual property reflecting market value. As a result, innovators with improvement for PoliticalSheepdog.com will receive fair values for their innovations through that process, when they agree to the process. The concept of fairness tells us that inventors deserve an opportunity to enjoy reward for a reasonable time period for creating a better product.


Who will be the innovators? Who will create the great public policies of the 21st century? With PoliticalSheepdog.com, it could be you. Public policies can be developed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. We expect that initially, the policies will come from accountants and academic scholars such as economists, criminologists, and sociologists. They may also come from lower military personnel, educators, large corporations, and from well-known internationally recognized leaders in humane social reform. Public policies will be reviewed by economists and bean-counters to determine their feasibility. No law is perfect, but we hope to discover policies that will improve the social welfare. By offering reward to innovators, we expect the process to create a market for effective, efficient public policies. Innovators stand to be rewarded for adoption of their policies by recognition of their intellectual property rights to their inventions. This ensures fair compensation for intellectual property and encourages the development of better laws. Got ideas? I believe the time has come for individuals with great ideas to make a difference and be compensated for their contributions to social welfare. What about you? If you have concepts for efficient social reform that would save lives, health, or resources, PoliticalSheepdog.com is interested to hear from you. But first, get your idea copyrighted. To get a copyright form, call the copyright office at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. You will be instructed to describe your concept on the form and to mail your materials back to the copyright office. The initial date of the copyright determines your priority to a claim. Second, after the copyright office confirms your initial date of copyright application, contact PoliticalSheepdog.com. When you contact PoliticalSheepdog.com, describe your concept, describe how it creates savings for constituents and consumers, estimate those savings, and describe how to measure those savings.