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Navigation Tips

Learn more about PoliticalSheepdog.com process

The Welcome button will take you back to the first page.

The "Introduction" button will begin to explain the PoliticalSheepdog.com process. If you want to learn more about PoliticalSheepdog.com, click on the "FAQ" link in the top right hand corner of the "Introduction". Then, click on the "Cost of Good Government" link or button, on the welcome page. Finally, click on the "Newsletters" link or button on the left side of the Welcome page.

The "Better than Campaign Finance Reform" button explains why PoliticalSheepdog.com is better than Campaign Finance Reform.

The "Founder" button tells about the founder, James (Jim) L. Gamble III, M.D. and how he developed PoliticalSheepdog.com.

The "Governments with Configured Auctions" button will describe countries, states, cities and counties with configured auctions. While you might be able to see live auctions without registering, to use an auction, you will have to register first. This button is not active, because we are still searching for suitable public policy innovations for PoliticalSheepdog.com.

The "Constituent Registration" button is the place to go to register, if you want to participate as a constituent lobbyists, as an innovator or as a PoliticalSheepdog activitist/organizer.

The "Submit a Policy Idea" button is the place to submit your public policy innovation and apply for an intellectual property license from PoliticalSheepdog.com to use its auction system to drive your legislation through legislatures. Before you submit your idea to PoliticalSheepdog.com, you must first write a description of your public policy concept. It must include:
a. A description, explaining how your policy will produce a savings and costs for consumers (buyers) of a nation, state, city, country, province, etc., including transaction costs and lost savings and lost savings from some consumers.
b. A description, explaining what parameters would be appropriate to measure those savings and costs.
c. An estimate of the net of those savings and costs to consumers of the policy concept.
d. A description, explaining the progress of other competing innovators with a bibliography of their publications or descriptions, registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.
Then you must register your description with the U.S. Copyright Office. To obtain information to register your description with the U.S. Copyright Office go to http://www.copyright.gov/eco/.

The "Newsletters" button will explain more technical aspects of PoliticalSheepdog.com and will eventually explain new developments. It still needs a little work.

The "Demo" button will give you a working example of the first phase of the auction. Bid a few times an get a feel for the auction.

The "Billions" button will explain how to make money with PoliticalSheepdog.com.

The "Incorruptible Legislators" will explain how PoliticalSheepdog.com could be used to create incorruptible legislatures, at least above a certain level of transactions costs.

The "Links" button will eventually link PoliticalSheepdog participants to other organizations, who can give them ideas for concepts.

???? The "Discussion Groups" button will provide participants with bulletin boards for discussion of various issues.