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Create a Better Future for You and Your Children

What is Political Sheepdog?

Imagine a system that could starve corruption and fight influential crooks with their own unethical revenues, while crooks can only cheat with their smaller devious profits.

Imagine a nimbler system that can react quickly to prevent threats to the public, you and your family.

Imagine a system where greed and the psychopaths on WallStreet will work in your favor to protect you.


Imagine a system where day care providers and teachers were not underpaid.

Imagine a system that could prevent or reduce disasters like hurricane Harvey.

Imagine a system which encourages political parties to cooperate.

Imagine a system that pleased Senator Elizabeth Warren, TV pundit Norman Ornstien of the American Enterprise Institute, Noam Chomsky of MIT and Dean Jonathan Levin of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Imagine an accountable system where the participants don’t benefit unless consumers like you benefit.

Imagine a system that could prevent the vicious cycles that threaten the extinction of humanity.

Imagine a more moral, psychologically based, tax system, where taxes were based on how the income was made or the quality of income and not simply the quantity of income.

Imagine a self-correcting system in which concerned citizens like you have adequate incentives to correct mistakes, reform unforeseen consequences and rectify intentional misdirection.

Imagine a system that could reduce deficits with less pain due to efficiencies.

Imagine that this system was sustainable.

Imagine that the First Amendment protected this system and it was legal.

The only system with this potential and more is PoliticalSheepdog.com.

The easiest way to describe Political Sheepdog is that it is like eBay for good government. Political Sheepdog is a new system for you to influence government that makes politicians want to protect your interests. Anyone can suggest a consumer protecting policy and any registered voter can participate to support those policies. Overall, it is an independent, non-partisan website to:

    • Connect legislators and constituents like you to one another.
    • Spark the creation, improvements, or propagation policy ideas, and draft legislation that protects you and other consumers.
    • Motivate legislators to respond to their constituents’ needs, and not to their corporate and big money donors.
    • Give constituents like you incentives to donate to election campaigns.
    • Organize constituents like you to lobby their legislators
    • Find fair, ethical, competitive compensation for individuals like you, who create and support consumer protecting policies.

    Better Incentives, Better Innovation,
    Better Citizen Engagement, Better Protection,
    Better Governance, Better Lives, Better Futures

    Our mission is to protect you and your children by correcting how money drives governments. Our website will motivate you and others to connect and to engage with legislators, to create policies and to provide campaign contributions. In doing so, we will change the incentives driving politicians and, thus, change government. These incentives will also tie our interests to your health and to cost reductions for you.

    Be Part of this Solution

    Join this potentially powerful online community for policy change and start making a difference in our society today! First, discover what kind of “sheepdog” you are.

    Learn more about how Political Sheepdog works and discover what kind of “sheepdog” you are.

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