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For Candidates

Strategies to Obtain Campaign Contributions with PoliticalSheepdog.com

How PoliticalSheepdog.com can help the candidate.

You can offer your contributing constituents an opportunity to profit legally and obtain greater power in government, while they work to improve and/or decorrupt government, if they contribute to your campaign and participate as a lobbying constituent or as a policy innovator in the PoliticalSheepdog auctions. This approach should be legal, because the First Amendment will allow you to advocate the need for legislation for an auctions system to improve government, while you are campaigning and PoliticalSheepdog.com can provide a modified auction system for your contributors, immediately after legislation passes to support the auction system. In addition, since the revenue to pay your constituents and PoliticalSheepdog.com will come from savings and since the costs can never be more than the savings, your constituents can only win. There is only one drawback to the system. Your constituents can not get good government for free and they still must pay a fair share of the savings for the development and operational costs of the PoliticalSheepdog system, but the costs can not be more than the savings. Therefore, a candidate, who supports PoliticalSheepdog.com, can now offer their constituents a potential opportunity to profit, when their constituents contribute to their candidate, bid for a fair payment for their lobbying efforts, lobby their legislator for policies that save consumers money.

The PoliticalSheepdog.com auctions will be crucial to the survival of our country, because it has the most theoretically effective way to fight corruption (See the "Incorruptible Legislatures" button on the PoliticalSheepdog.com web site) and because we will face enormous crises, including the end to cheap oil, social security, the collapsing dollar, terrorism, HIV, budget deficits, etc., for which PoliticalSheepdog.com is uniquely suited. For example, many states had budgetary crises, because they relied on capital gains tax revenues for their general budget. These budgetary crises forced the states to barrow money and lowered their credit ratings, which cost their citizens in greater interest costs and in higher rates for those greater interest payments. PoliticalSheepdog.com would sponsor legislation that would require states to place revenues in an escrow account, which could only be spent in times of recession, depression and declared war and save citizens from those extra interest costs. The contributing constituents would then lobby to drive this legislation through their legislature. If they were successful, the savings from less interest costs and interest income generated from the escrow account would help pay the candidate's contributor, who participated in the PoliticalSheepdog.com auction process to save consumers' money.

PoliticalSheepdog.com is a constituent based system. Only the candidate's constituents, who contribute to a candidate's campaign, can participate in the primary and general election level of auctions. Non-contributors can participate in session level auctions, which do not require contributions and which PoliticalSheepdog.com may or may not hold. Non-constituent contributors to a candidate can not participate in any auctions for that candidate.

Telling Constituents How to Participate

To participate in the PoliticalSheepdog.com auction process, a candidate's constituent must register with PoliticalSheepdog.com and they must make a contribution to a candidate. Their campaign contribution must be on file with the state election commission.

When a candidate is elected, the contributing constituent can lobby for legislation sponsored by PoliticalSheepdog.com in the primary and gen