25 Advantages for Democracy

The 25 Advantages of the PoliticalSheepdog.com Approach For Our Failing Market-Democratic Systems

1. The most important advantage that PoliticalSheepdog.com should have due to its intellectual property system is to prevent invisible dangers to consumers like the incentive structure that created the 2008 banking collapse (see The Big Short) or like the weaponization of social media (see Like, War). Other invisible phenomena like psychological phenomena, like the detrimental unforeseen impacts of bad laws, like incentives structures, like HIV, like corruption, like debt, like unhealthy diets, etc., which have dangers and which have poor incentives to correct.  For example, the opioid epidemic has been brewing for 30 or 40 years, while legislatures responded inadequately.  Other invisible phenomena may come from geological, international, political, sociological, financial, etc. fields.  More invisible phenomena come from the number of human beings, the combination and permutations of their interactions, and the rapidity of technological advance. 

Since these phenomena are invisible, most people won’t know of them until they inflict damage.   As a result, democracies will fail to prevent these dangers due to inadequate general knowledge to motivate enough citizens to create a majority necessary to prevent the disasters.  Without adequate incentives for visionary pioneers and their supporters to prevent the above and similar disasters, we will be doomed to recurrent disasters like drug addiction, like unstable banking systems, like Katrina and like global roasting.  Thus, it is important to give the visionary pioneers the resources in incentives to overcome obstacles in a democracy in order to ensure that they and their supporters will protect us.  Only PoliticalSheepdog.com has the design with appropriate competitive intellectual property incentives for policy innovators and their supporters to to prevent these disasters and other vast inefficiencies throughout the entire economy.

2.  Of the invisible dangers, probably most serious is an asymmetric incentive structure, which allows people to obtain vast fortunes catering the private wants, but relatively paltry compensation for those, who protect the public welfare, even when the public protection can have great value.   This asymmetry creates vicious cycle against the public interests which includes inappropriate political influence and which creates suboptimal profit signals with colossal inefficiencies like global warming, like the 2008 banking collapse, like the Katrina disaster, like corruption and like the national debt.  Only PoliticalSheepdog.com intellectual property system, markets and definition of good governance based on consumer health and financial safety can send the most accurate signals for production profits can fail to provide the most.

The PoliticalSheepdog.com intellectual property system has other advantages:

3.  The intellectual property approach could incentivize visionary pioneers and policy entrepreneurs to help governments identify potential problems quickly with other incentives for rapid constituent support at the lowest cost in order to increase the agility of governments to prevent and reduce multiple hazards early, rapidly, and simultaneously with the widest possible options.

4. The intellectual property encourages a future flow from visionary pioneers to protect consumers from disasters like the weaponization of social media, like artificial intelligence, like Hurricane Sandy, like the 2008 banking collapse, like the opioid epidemic etc., etc.

5. The intellectual property-constituent driven approach makes PoliticalSheepdog.com an open ended and bottom up system, which should maximize protection options and which should improve the quality of governance (see The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki) and improve the stability and strength of government as well as national innovation (see Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson).

6.  The intellectual property approach makes PoliticalSheepdog.com self-correcting, because other policy entrepreneurs have incentives to reduce excesses of prior policies.  Most governments probably have an inventory of bad and obsolete laws, which PoliticalSheepdog.com could help eliminate.

7. Another amazing characteristic of PoliticalSheepdog.com intellectual property is that the arguments for it become more compelling , because its intellectual property approach make it highly versatile.  For example, I did not realize the importance of invisible phenomena, their dangers, and how PoliticalSheepdog.com could prevent these dangers until recently.  The source of its versatility is its intellectual property approach.

Another invisible danger that PoliticalSheepdog.com could reduce is corruption

8. If fighting corruption were profitable, you would probably have less corruption.  Since corruption creates costs for consumers and since the design of PoliticalSheepdog.com should reduce consumer costs, PoliticalSheepdog.com should be able to reduce corruption in legislatures and indirectly elsewhere in government.

9. The PoliticalSheepdog.com profit approach makes the promotion of good government more sustainable and less reliant on altruism.

10.  PoliticalSheepdog.com is the only system that can provide a clean return or even profits for campaign contributions.  It is clean, because the system is competitive and constituent driven and because no one profits unless consumers obtain long term health or financial savings.

11.  Another unique feature about PoliticalSheepdog.com is that it can fight corruption out of the corruptor’s illicit revenues and damages, while corruptors must use their corrupt profits to cheat.  This feature should help crush the incentive to corrupt.  As a result, it is the most available way to fight corruption and possibly make an amendment to counter Citizens United irrelevant.

12.  Since the first loyalty of legislators should be to their constituents, since PoliticalSheepdog.com is constituent driven, since PoliticalSheepdog.com could provide clean returns for campaign contributions, since PoliticalSheepdog.com can fight corrupter with their revenues and damages, and since non-constituents are more numerous and, thereby, have much greater assets than constituents; PoliticalSheepdog.com incentivizes could encourage constituents to challenge and reverse the current advantages of non-constituents.  As a result, PoliticalSheepdog.com could overturn our current intrinsically corrupt system, which contributions from non-constituents generate.

13.  PoliticalSheepdog.com could provide the organization, the focus, and the balance to allow consumers to successfully oppose special interest legislation, who now can spread consumer costs too thinly for individual consumers to fight.

Advantages of PoliticalSheepdog.com to improve democracy

14.  Financial incentives to participate in the enactment of legislation could encourage more participation and invigorate democracy.

15.  The open-ended approach should intensify the legislator-constituent relationship with constant inputs and constituent observation, instead of mostly during campaign season.

16. The PoliticalSheepdog.com profit approach to good government should encourage a more accurate prioritization of legislation.

17. PoliticalSheepdog.com could encourage greater cooperation between political parties, because candidates both parties would encourage constituents to support consumer protecting legislation in order to obtain campaign funds from their constituents, who in turn would be competing for profits from consumer protecting legislation.

Miscellaneous Advantages

18.  The PoliticalSheepdog.com intellectual property and internet approach gives it infinite potential and scalability to prevent an infinite number of problems in multiple democratic legislatures simultaneously with only small changes.   As a result, it could be the most robust method to reverse the climate crisis and is far more versatility than an amendment to counter Citizens United.

19. PoliticalSheepdog.com could reduce some of the causes of poverty like banking collapses and addictions, which create insurance, tax and other costs for consumers.

20.  The efficiency innovations that PoliticalSheepdog.com could provide in democracies will give the citizens of early adopting governments competitive advantages over autocracies and governments that fail to utilize PoliticalSheepdog.com.  The advantages would destroy myths of the advantages of autocracies.  

21.  PoliticalSheepdog.com is a technological advantage that the Chinese cannot steal until they become a democracy.  If they became democratic, this change would probably reduce the risk of war and increase cooperation between our countries.

22.  Since PoliticalSheepdog.com could create massive efficiencies with public and private choices, it could make reductions of the National Deficit easier with less economic pain, if the velocity of money remains constant.

23. Since PoliticalSheepdog.com only promotes and organizes advocacy, its activities should be protected by the First Amendment and, thus, be  legal in the U.S.A.

24.  PoliticalSheepdog.com could reduce the psychological victimization of consumers by marketers and businesses and, thereby, make the entire country, not just the government, more efficient.  This efficiency could be used to solve other problems like reducing the Federal deficit. 

25.  The profits of PoliticalSheepdog.com are tied to the welfare of the public welfare through health and financial savings for consumers.

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